Ageing gracefully

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Birthdays are days to celebrate, laugh, love and be happy. However, when you are turning the big 20; things get a little hazy. When I was fifteen, I did not decipher why one would lie about their age; more so when an older person quotes a lower age. “Why don’t you concede that you are 29 and not 24 as you claim” It did not make sense; I found it ludicrous. At fifteen, most if not all of us (more so, us who embrace fantasy like it’s family) had the dream of driving at twenty four. Do I still have that dream? Well, unless you hear of a bank robbery that took place successfully without the gangster using ammunition or any other form of menace. Then yes, that dream is still valid.

I had written a long list on plans I had for my birthday. I had earlier envisioned my birthday week to be busy with fun activities taking place simultaneously. I am spontaneous in nature. I can make plans with you then seconds later, put off our plans. I am at times afraid that I might say no after saying yes when my future husband proposes. Wait, this is a bad analogy, strike this and replace it with…I am at times afraid that I might join the convent then leave days later to go search for my prince charming. So, by now you should know that my birthday week is nothing close to what I had envisaged.

My great grandma passed on last night. I try to find some space alone and get myself overwhelmed with emotions, but deep down I feel that she needs to rest in peace together with her late husband. She was above 80 years. She was a good woman; she fought the good fight and ran the race. She had the opportunity to see and spend time with her kids, grandkids and even great grandkids; which is more than a blessing. It was a life well lived.  If I would describe her using one word, then that would be-happy. I imagine that at 19, I laugh so loudly and irritatingly but trust me my laughs are contagious 🙂 and even show my spaced dental formula. At 80, I will not be making the same laugh; my laugh will probably be whizzing and strained with a hint of soprano and I will be showing an almost empty dental formula. Perhaps as payback for all the candies I will have spoilt my teeth with.

Valentine Nekesa, the 19 year old Blaze winner and a former schoolmate in high school will tell her kids, grandkids and great grandkids that she became a millionaire at 19. I wonder what I will tell my kids, grandkids and great grandkids. That I owned a blog account at 18 which I am not consistent with? That at 19 I write blog posts and fictional stories during lecture time when I find the lecture (not the lecturer) boring? That I am not sure if the course i’m taking is something I enjoy studying? That I am still struggling with my cooking skills and all I do with my mama in the kitchen is ask about her childhood? That my bank account is screaming “Someone please save me from this desolate dungeon”? That I still have not crammed my national ID number and most of the times have no idea where it is? That at 19, I once went back to the tailor’s shop to give him a piece of mind when he charged a higher amount than what we had agreed; even after thinking that I should let that slide?

But instead, I will let them know that breakthroughs take time and that turning a year older is more than a blessing which they should be happy about. That the most important thing is that they learn to be: patient, kind, contented with the present, celebrate their successes however little they might seem and hopeful that the future will be brighter; because this is what I learnt from my beautiful great grandma. To be happy always; which in German we say it as sei glucklich.

So, sei glucklich beautiful people.<3

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17 thoughts on “Ageing gracefully

  1. You can tell your grand children that at 19 you touched many souls through blogging and won more hearts in the way you lived your life..
    That in itself is success… Better than being millionaire at 19.. Am not sure though😉

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  2. Hey Natasha, this is beautiful, humerus and just down right enjoyable. I bet the night you sat down to write this piece the weather was chilly, because it makes me warm when I read it. Keep it up & real girl.

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  3. I’m reading this very early in the morning, and I rarely do that coz I have a lot to do as I head out to work. Great piece Miss. And you don’t sound like a 19 year old, you’re way too wise, and definitely destined for greatness. And of course I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee ☕😋

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