Every relationship has an origin and a story; whether bonded with friendships, blood ties or love (romance). There is always a tale behind the birth of a relationship- we probably schooled together, met in a bus, in church, at the mall, at a party where we both crashed name it. With some friends, you click at first sight and with others you first rub shoulders, disagree, argue, and scold each other before becoming buddies. Some friendships relationships are evolving, some flickering, some blooming while others drowned in the waters of uncertainty.

Wills photography

Valentine’s Day is approaching and some of you are looking forward to the day while others dreading. Personally, I can’t wait for that day since chocolates will be 50% off. For some, 14th of February, will be a normal day, some will walk into a cinema hall with three handkerchiefs set to watch a cheesy movie while binging on flavoured popcorns and sighing once in a while “aaawww…she said yes” followed by blowing their noses so hard(this actually sounds fun :D),some will sleep half of their day, watch a horror movie, read a fictious book one which talks about the existence of aliens or even the bonding of atoms, then there is this lot who will be holding hands tightly in the streets while reminding each other where they met followed by random cheek pecks and light effortless smiles. Wherever you will be on that day, I hope you find your peace.


In our current generation, ‘love has been stained’ as most of you like to put it. Sadly, most people are getting cuffed in relationships for money, sex, fame and only a few (very few) are bonded with love. This is why a great number of people are shy if not afraid to get stuck with someone. This explains the endless satirical memes we are quick to share on social media about love, feelings and emotions being a sham. I would quote them, every single of them because I find delight in sarcasm but this would be selfish; so instead let me impersonate Shakespeare.

I know most of us have been hurt in one way or another all in the name of love, but, to get hurt is to be human. I am not telling you to trust every handsome stranger who comes knocking on your door. I actually respect all the single souls out here, those single by choice and those forced by circumstances. (No pun intended) Being single by choice, is a good choice until you get invited to a friend’s party only to find out that everyone’s paired up except you. That is when being single becomes a bad choice and you have to beam with a fake smile and timidly say “I didn’t get the memo you know. I would have brought my kickass handsome neighbor as my partner.” When they clearly know that your neighbor is not of the opposite sex. So, yes, life can be hard being a single chap. But when you find your Romeo/ Juliet, keep him/her.



Being an avid reader and viewer of romantic novels and fairy tales (apart from happily never after) I can boldly say that this love thing is in existence; both in reality and in the fantasy World. Furthermore, how else did we find ourselves in this little beautiful World? You have no excuse to give up on love. So, go forth and searcheth thy missing rib and if you find her, keep her. For those who lost hope and vehemently claim that their missing rib was used to make soup; allow me to restore hope and reassure you that she is somewhere. As a learned friend puts it, carry your head alongside though, times have changed!


Do not be afraid to start over, it is a learning experience. We learn. We grow. We re-learn. Love could be labeled poison but we would still drink it. Breath. Relax. Love.<3

Thus, if he is the reason you feel comfortable in your skin

If she is the one you want to spend ‘forever’ with

If he is the one who makes your heart melt and butterflies leap in your tummy

If she is the same soul you would choose in another lifetime

If there’s a special magical connection between the two of you

Cherish him. Cherish her. Keep him. Keep her. Love him. Love her.<3

Photo credits:Wills Photography

Gram handle-@william_chege

Facebook-William Cee


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