A skinny girl’s chronicles

R.bell photography

I sat very close to my computer going through photos of me, we had just captured and all I can comment is “Giiirrl! They are right. You are way too skinny”(insert a Black American accent) I think my whole life has been a lie or maybe I am so contented in my body type that I do not really take heed to what people say. I do not know. I finally narrow down my guesses to; perhaps that is the main reason you do not take full snaps! ”Short and skinny? No full snaps for you” is a statement I constantly tell myself.

R.bell photography


I become amused seeing plus-sized people diet and hit the gym: running on the treadmill, lifting weights, doing aerobics, where they sweat profusely and take gallons of water in a bid to keep their bodies in shape. As a skinny girl, I must confess that gaining weight is a struggle just as losing weight. I know someone just rolled her eyes. We can bet on this, most skinny girls would trade their body types to plus-sized. Personally, I would. There are a plethora of reasons why I would do so: being compared to twigs and toothpicks, not being able to donate blood because you do not meet the 50kg weight requirement, hearing the statement “Real men go for meat, only dogs go for bones” is sickening and uncouth, uncushioned chairs and benches are too uncomfortable for us. Oh my butt bone! , putting on between 13 and 15 year old’s clothes, our brassiere sizes! hmmm, feeling…cold..all..the..time. This list is no close to the end because I haven’t even mentioned about being dumped by a boyfriend who thinks you are too skinny. Hey, who wants to hug you if all he feels is bones and your heart beating so fast?(as a result of the butterflies his presence induce, I presume)He’s also probably tired of ogling at girls with big bum unlike you dear who is flat and curveless. Let us give him a free pass and say, he is only human. All women have curves by the way, it is just that some are more pronounced than others.

R.bell photography

So, December holidays have been all about being asked questions such as “Are you okay?” “Do you feel any pain?” “Why don’t you eat?” When these questions are asked in my national language, that is, Kiswahili, they sound even more offensive yet you are supposed to shrug or laugh it off without getting irritated. Come on, you all making being skinny look like a disease people should avert. While other body types are meant to be big, others are supposed to be that, skinny. So no, I do not have an eating disorder. In any case, one of my close friends in school has my contact saved as Theo (full name for Theodore from the animation, Alvin and the Chipmunks where the named character is a foodie).The same argument used about how some people cannot control being fat, the same case applies here. I am predisposed to it, it is how my body is. I have no control over it. While it’s considered rude to walk up to an overweight person and comment on their weight, it is equally rude to do the same to a skinny woman.

I was about to assist a friend carry a table in school some time back, when a friend stood instantly and said he would assist and that I should not be troubled. I smiled thinking of how he was such a gentleman only to discover that he opted to help out since he feared that I would not be able to carry the table. I understand that skinny girls appear to be fragile, frail, flimsy and delicate. But guys, a table, really? Let me just leave this one here.

R.bell photography


Among the many things I have learnt, is that no one is 100% happy with their body. No one, not even my fellow confident skinny celebrities Rachel Bilson, Megan Fox…. Everyone would change at least one thing if they could. Explaining that skinny is sexy and so is curvy is a whole debatable topic that no one is ready to be involved in. But most importantly, confidence is sexier. Whether skinny, plus-size, tall, short, petite; we are all beautiful in our own different ways. So feel good.<3 There are people who will be attracted to you regardless. To each his own, as they say.

Conversely, a woman’s importance is the change she makes in the World, the way she treats others, the goals she achieves and the hardwork she endures to do all this. A woman’s worth is more than her body.

Peace, love and avocado.<3

So much thanks and love to R.bell photography.

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16 thoughts on “A skinny girl’s chronicles

  1. Fabulous😄😄..in love with the article already..craving for more..😦.didn’t see that coming …Tasha..(Skinny People United)SPU*****😀😀😀😀

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  2. “As a skinny girl, I must confess that gaining weight is a struggle just as losing weight.”this is extremely true…..whoaa and as usual I’m a victim…. But sure enough it’s only confidence that is most important # interesting


  3. As usual, you never disappoint. I am actually lost for words because all you said is true… been there. Keep writing, be you and be happy doll.


  4. Good Good Read!!! And by the way you are a very beautiful girl Natasha! I really hate how society categorizes which body type should be be considered pretty or not. As you said, ‘Whether skinny, plus-size, tall, short, petite; we are all beautiful in our own different ways.’

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