Secret of Polichinelle

The phrase “life is too short” is very popular and trust me, it’s easier said. This time the phrase really struck a chord. 2016 is slowly coming to an end. There is so much that has taken place this year: making new friends, losing dear ones, attending baby showers, being bogged down with setbacks, coming across exciting opportunities name them; basically both the ugly and the beautiful.

wills photography

Gladly, from all these, there are lessons learnt. To be honest, the following is a list of advices that either you have ever been offered or things that you know. I hope you will pick one or two points and practise it religiously.

  1. Forgive those who hurt you.
  2. Apologize to those you fail.
  3. Free yourself from grudges.
  4. If you feel that you do not like someone, detach yourself from them; no need to puppeteer around.
  5. Avoid talking behind people’s back; it is poison to your soul.
  6. Do not chase people, chase your dreams.
  7. Keep dreaming! Work towards achieving your dreams however unrealistic they appear to be.
  8. Smile.
  9. Carpe diem! Enjoy the present, live in the moment.
  10. Laugh loudly and so hard even if people find it obnoxious.
  11. Be goofy. I repeat, be goofy.
  12. Be happy.
  13. Surround yourself with positive people.
  14. Be kind.
  15. Reply to those good morning and good night texts with love even if they sound platitude to you.
  16. Make a habit of using polite words: thank you, sorry, please, excuse me among others; incessantly and genuinely.
  17. Be grateful whether you have much or less.
  18. Need I say that again?
  19. Educate that beautiful mind of yours. Read a lot of books; learn new things and re-learn the old.
  20. Have fun.
  21. Compliment people frequently.
  22. Be unapologetically yourself. Do not ever feel that you do not belong. It’s a big World, with sufficient space. You fit!
  23. Know your worth; value integrity.
  24. Be a source of inspiration, love, joy, hope and light to your neighbor.
  25. Lastly, read this blog more often 🙂


Photo credits: Wills photography. IG- William_chege


6 thoughts on “Secret of Polichinelle

  1. Thanks for the advice… This is such a good job Nat.. The name of the person who taught you how to write should be preserved in a song😜
    Keep it up and merry Christmas to you and your loved ones

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