Celebrating heroes & heroines!

It’s fifteen minutes to midnight yet I still insist on publishing this article before midnight. I can now relate to Cinderella’s story where she had to leave the royal party before midnight since the magic cast on her by the fairy godmother would wear off by then (I know most of you did not recall that). On that note, bear with me if you get to read this post after midnight…Cinderella still got married to the prince you know.

wills photography

Last year a time like this I made my first blog post,  GETTING STARTED ON BLOGGING! I was only a month old in the University and being a freshman I had a lot of free time and so I thought I should engage in what I could do best. I remember that day vividly everyone in my social media and in the midst of small talks I made with friends or any new person I met, would get to learn that I ran a blog powered by WordPress (I still do this). It was clear I was drowning in an irrepressible mirth. I felt heroic and probably that was among the reason why I posted the article on such a day. Despite having little sparks of euphoria my biggest fear then, was to experience writer’s block where I would have nothing to blog about.

wills photography

It’s a year now and each time I look at my statistics, I smile. Thanks to you reader:) I remember two weeks after i made my first post, i had about 15 loyal readers out of the many i had informed and this made me a little disappointed. But hey, they say one step at a time right? I know at times I can be obstinate and delay to make posts frequently or even bother you by sending links to my blog posts incessantly. Forgive me..wow! I rarely say that.

wills photography

This post goes to all my loyal readers, you give me the urge to publish an article. You make blogging interesting and fun. It’s from you that i realized that writing is a talent! I will send each and every one of you an invisible gift 😉 Much thanks to my photographer too, who was sent from heaven. I believe you have all seen how ornate my blog posts are 😉

Today being the 20th of October, a day when we celebrate heroes and heroines in Kenyan, i celebrate my readers and blog followers. Happy Mashujaaa (heroes/heroines) day! Thank you so much! Keep reading 🙂

To all those trying to change the World positively (be it through art,innovation name them), trying to make the World a better place to be in; we are in this together. Let’s press on!

Photo credits:Mavericks dance crew; Wills photography, IG- William_chege


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