We all make blunders; actually, they are inevitable but grammar mistakes are unforgivable. Ever read someone’s text and have that shivering, uncomfortable feeling when someone with long nails scratches on a blackboard? Well, I have had it too.

Recently, my once crush’s whatsapp status read, “You call him a sweetheart and yet everyday you break a pierce of his heart..Riley” I’m sorry English that you undergo all this butchering- from ‘a sweetheart’ to  ‘pierce’ then ‘riley’. Not only did I notice that he is not in a happy relationship (Thanks to my stalking skills. Yeah, I know I can work for the F.B.I.)  but also realized that his grammar was wanting. For a moment I actually thought ‘Riley’ is his current girlfriend’s name. The ‘R’ is in caps you know. I am no expert in this dating arena but you cannot ‘call him or her- a sweetheart’, you call him or her-sweetheart. Anyway, just to let you know, this is the same freshman crush I mentioned in Skin tone mismatch post and I pray that this is the last time I’m mentioning him. Yes, no more Riley guy talks!

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Personally, I am no saint when it comes to the use of proper English, nonetheless, I try my best to avoid the following common grammatical errors my English teacher emphasized on:

  1. You walk into a meeting and you are told to introduce yourself and everyone looks at you with a frown on their face as if you have soiled your pants “My names are….” Please, I also have a very long name, but as grammar rules dictate, it should be “My name is….”
Wills photography

2. This one goes to all those who begin their sentences with “me I…” Whether the chance to speak was impromptu or the idea lit like a lightbulb, thus, had to be said immediately, ‘me’ and ‘I’ are both pronouns and there is no way they can appear in one statement. Remember how your math teacher would insist that parallel lines will never meet? The same applies to the two pronouns.

3. When someone says something and you need them to say it once more so you decide to use the words “Could you repeat that again…” To repeat is to say, state or perform again. Noticed that I used the word again in my definition? That is exactly the reason why we cannot have it used after the word repeat.

4. Spelling mistakes are also part of grammar mistakes. Just as we are making efforts to fight poverty in developing countries, spelling mistakes should also be dealt with.

It should be: Writing not writting

Tomorrow not tommorow

Occasion not ocassion

Welcome not wellcome

Grateful not greatful

Grammar not grammer

5. The incessant use of the word ‘like’. I know this is how the Kardashians speak and suddenly every teenage girl wants to speak in the same manner as if that guarantees them a posh lifestyle. “Like oh mi gosh….and he was like…and we were like…like what the hell!…” What on God’s green Earth are you saying?  Need I say that we have synonyms?

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You can’t possibly date him if he writes, ‘supposably’ instead of supposedly. As a matter of fact, you should not talk to him if he writes, ‘your’ in place of you’re in a text.

Someone already feels that I qualify to be a tutor, yes please, call me 😉

Keep in mind that grammar mistakes are unforgivable not to mention punishable; it might be the reason why that cute girl, you cannot stop thinking about, does not want to date you.Yes, it’s that serious…

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18 thoughts on “GRAMMAR CHECK-UP

  1. hehehehe number 2 you nailed it… the parallel lines thing waaah hehehe ,, 5 also killed it.. infact the whole article is crazy… though i felt you were talking about me at some instance

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  2. I’m an English tutor actually, so a lot of this runs parallels when I teach English as a Second Language.
    Your third point is not strictly correct.
    If someone has already repeated something, you can ask them to repeat it, again. It just means something different from can you repeat that.
    I do agree though that everyone tends to use it incorrectly regardless.

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  3. You’ve given us a good read Natasha. Never *be for have thought of *my self as a sucker in grammar as when I was reading your article.
    *may be you should highlight on words most of us write separate tho’ are one word in Grammar Check-up sequel. 🙂

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