Pressure for pleasure?..

The weekend is here! Woohoo! Common updates such as TGIF (thanks God it’s Friday) GDFR(going down for real)  have been flooding on my social media timeline since yesterday. Today being Saturday, most people are either nursing yesterday’s hangovers or yet to encounter them. I remember ,in my first semester during my freshman year, my mum would call me either at 10:00 pm or some few minutes to 10 just to ensure that i hadn’t attended a party. I still attended them .{let’s just pray she doesn’t get to go through this post}



So, what  goes down in these parties that makes parents coil in fear upon hearing that his/her kid attended one? I mean most of them are mere birthday parties. During the good old days, when we used to take mango juice in supervised parties …….we have now replaced the juices with the latest booze; not to mention the popular flavoured shisha.

It’s so sad that there’s so much sexualization that there is free shag in parties now. The once innocent & charming souls have now quickly fallen into postlapsarian. We still want to view sex as a grave obscene subject that shouldn’t be discussed;  yet we’re so quick to judge a teenager carrying an innocent foetus.

Parents need to understand that our generation is simply wild with a craving to experiment. Lab-experiments-effects i assume. Do parents even advise us accordingly on what to and what not to? All we hear them say is ” They grow up so fast.”

I remember asking my mum about particular hormones. She literally became antsy then broke the shared silence between us “Didn’t you learn that in Biology?” and before i could counter her statement, ” You can as well google” she said as she continued perusing her anatomy book probably in high hopes that she could find my answers.

Oh yes! I did google & got answers.

Anyway, inasmuch as we’d like to blame our parents with how they raise us up, we’re old enough. Yes i said that. Old enough to make meaningful decisions.

We’ve now normalized premarital sex and portray it as casual, unprotected & consequence-free.Trust me, abstinence is worry-free. It’s normal to once in a while have sexual thoughts roaming in your mind now that being young, our hormones are on fire; but you don not have to act on it.

If you are a teenager thinking of getting involved in a sexual relationship, then you’ve got some important thinking to do before making a major decision. If you decide to carry on with the deed, get to find out about disease prevention & birth control methods too.Key thing you need to keep in mind: there are repercussions that come with early sex. Yes, you need to be socially, intellectually and emotionally ready.

Lidya 20160801_191649

To the girls, if you aren’t ready for that, make it clear to the guy you’re dating. If he’s not willing to abide & threatens to leave, fine!Let him leave. There are more descent guys who concur with that.

Nature is so harsh to us ladies that we have to carry a foetus which is termed as an ‘unwanted pregnancy’. Venereal diseases such as cervical cancer, HIV & AIDS, STDs & STIs won’t spare you either. This applies to both genders.

The beauty of all this is that there’s secondary virginity & there’s room for abstinence in this too. Abstinence gives you something to look forward to &  hope for. Sex is a right of passage and it’s definitely worth waiting for!

From a learned friend, “Sex doesn’t create intimacy, it celebrates intimacy.”

May be it’s not about what the society permits or defies, but what dignity dictates.



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