Phases of life

I try to think about this journey called life. Life is multi-faceted. It has beautiful and ugly, interesting and boring, exciting and annoying aspects in it. Life is enjoyable but it also has its fair share of trouble. The most important thing, thou is that ‘we only live once.’ Yes I said it. Life is not a rehearsal. Therefore, we have to live each day to the fullest; like it is our last.

There are three major stages of life:

  1. Childhood

Well this is between 1 and 12 years old. At this point in life, you are so adorable, humble, and innocent. Everybody loves and accepts you (I still have a bone to chew with my brother thou. He had once told my mother to take me back to where I had come from when I was a new born bubbly baby. I cannot believe that we are best friends right now lol). Nobody wants to get their hands off you and they are all instantly mesmerized by your charmingness. Even so, if you don’t want someone touching you, all you need to do is to yell and throw tantrums and you will get back to your mama’s arms. You get to play with your peers indiscriminately, watch animation, ask for new toys and they are presented to you in a matter of seconds. I actually miss this stage. There is magic in childhood!


  1. Teenage hood

This lies between the age of 13 and 19. Hell breaks loose for most parents and their world turns upside down. All you really want to do is to explore, experience life and have fun. Unfortunately, our dear parents who also happen to have undergone these stages find us stubborn, annoying, uncontrollable, and irresponsible. They yell incessantly hoping to change our minds. I honestly think parents become traumatized when their kids get to this stage. Teenage minds, on the other hand, are occupied with fantasy. Personally, all I think about is visiting the city of lights, i.e. Paris and catch a glimpse of the Eiffel tower if not touch it, ride in a hot air balloon screaming my lungs out, gazing at the stars and even attempting to count them one after the other, watching the sun set by the sea shore, interact with magicians as they perform their magic tricks, cruise in the pacific sea, attend international shows and laugh heartily at the slightest joke… generally see the world. Of course most of these things might not happen but there is a calmness that is accompanied by all these fantasies.


  1. Adulthood

This is the stage that most people dread and some people look forward to it. Sadly, it begins at 20. Some people think that being an adult is a bed of roses because you get to make the decisions without having to run then by somebody else. At this stage, you still have imaginary glints of teenage fantasies but you try so hard to shun them because you are expected to be mature and all grown up.


Deep down you are secretly wishing you would sleep all day like teenagers do but responsibilities and bills take you out of bed faster than a rocket. You have to be in your best behavior, after all, the young ones are watching waiting to imitate what you do. As you get older, all that is running in your mind is your career, family, investment, property etcetera etcetera. There are so many responsibilities and expectations to accomplish. It already sounds scary no wonder most adults are still 19 at heart.

Despite all these, celebrate life! for the one who brought us here knows best. Don’t let adulthood’s responsibilities bog you down. We ought to embrace each of the life’s phases even after stepping into the last one: maintain the childhood charisma, keep the teen hood fantasies at heart & strive to bring them into a reality & always remember that it’s never that serious.



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