The little things that matter…

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It’s yet another week and we are all eagerly waiting for the weekend… to rest and relax after the events of the week. We are also looking forward to going to church on Sunday… to meet our friends, converse with our maker and thank Him for taking care of us. So, my mum thinks that I have relapsed in matters pertaining to Christianity. She claims that previously I participated vigorously in church activities.

Apparently, there’s some truth in her statement, I rarely go to church when I’m in school (she’ll probably lose it upon hearing this) not because I wish to skip mass but due to oversleeping. I even realized that I deleted the Holy Bible application in my phone in a bid to create more space (someone probably smirks after reading this saying “May God forgive this ignoramus!”) for the latest hits. Keep calm all, I am working on all this.

This reminds me of the Pharisees; how they would point fingers at the Jews. At times, we are so quick to judge, rebuke and condemn claiming to have a lot of knowledge about church. I’d like to share the little I know about religion. By religion, I would like to be impartial meaning I am communicating to Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims, basically everyone who believes in something or someone for that matter.

Character church
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There is more to serving God than attending a church service. These are some of the things we should engage in as Christians, Muslims, Buddhists et cetera et cetera:

  • Helping the widows, widowers, elderly and orphans.
  • Assisting that genuine beggar or street boy you hurriedly pass by in town.
  • Supporting the weak such that you air their views on their behalf.
  • Be generous! ‘Thou who gives, shall receive’ give the little that you have; after all, God looks at the heart and not the quantity. Remember that widow who gave two little copper coins worth a penny (Mark 12:42-44) she placed all she had in the offering box.
  • Visit the sick. Mumble kind words to them. Kind words have the power to heal! Be a source of hope and love to them.
  • Your granary is overflowing, share the food with the poor.
  • Visit the prisoners. I think they are among the people we forget once they are behind bars.

Brethren, these, among many others are some of the aspects that Christ will use to separate those who will go to heaven and those who will burn in the sulfuric fire of hell. He will not be concerned whether you occupied the front seat in church or sang the loudest in the church choir.

I was hungry
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It’s the small things in life that matter.


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