Can you handle her?

Flawless does not please her, she embraces imperfections

She says ordinary is too mediocre for her

She wants to feel real because real is authentic; real is not fake

In fact, she says that in a land of fakes, a real mind is a sanctum

She’s lovely, exceptional and out of this World; but inner beauty matters the most to her

She wants to be wild because wild has it’s own sense of ecstasy

She wants to be different: think and act differently, out of the norm; not just like everyone else

She wants to encounter life’s thrills and sensations because she’s an ultimate lover of life



She’s attracted to brilliant minds, beautiful souls and incredible personalities

She believes she can soar high, higher than the eagles

She’s a dynamic full of life woman with a bubbly personality

Bronze and silver are nothing to her, she wants to be associated with gold and diamond because the two have greater value; they are worth a dime she declares

She craves for so much more…because more is never enough…


10 thoughts on “Can you handle her?

  1. Looks like I missed a whole lot of delicacies while I was away😓

    I’m now back…full force..
    This post on peace just touched me on the core of my heart…that story about your friend 😓
    That meme though😅😅

    And here goes miss Natasha…brothers,yes you…can you handle her?
    I admire you natasha😘

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hee yes that one sure does sound like u… especially that silver and bronze mean nothing to you…very true coz I know u as a winner. Nice job there

    Liked by 1 person

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