These dreams….

Oh these big dreams we dream….

Ones that the Oscar Award-winning Lupita Nyong’o said they are all valid….

When will they be actualized..?

I have been fervently working on them…

These dreams, aspirations, ambitions that give me the zeal and enthusiasm to live each day…


But now I am afraid…

I’m afraid that I might be hopelessly giving up by now….

I am saying this in whispers…

Because based on my speculation, if I say it out loud, the aftermath will be disappointing. Heart-wrecking. Frustrating.

So what now….

What should I look forward to when my hopes fade away….

I am really trying to shun these thoughts away…

Fortunately, there’s this still small voice that shouts confidently the loudest “keep on dreaming knowing that these dreams will one day come to a fulfilment. May be not today neither tomorrow but later in the future.”

And so I sit watching and waiting patiently and confidently yet with so much eager.

photo credit: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/?q=dreaming&image_type=&cat=&min_width=&min_height=


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