Hey you there in the mirror. You look exactly like me. Look at that small dainty nose that takes in more than enough air, those white killer eyes people say make me take after one of my parent, what about those small thin crescent-shaped lips? Those which help bring out that infectious smile and a well-aranged set of dental formula. All these just make up your round beautiful face despite Mr.Acne (teenager’s ghostly enemy,who tends to appear once they’re about to meet their crush) having inhabited on it.

What are the first words you utter once you look yourself in the mirror? I remember asking myself this morning were some tiny triplets pimples on my face emerged from. If i start jolting down my other flaws, i’ll lose out on my finest crushes..hahaha.At times we are so hard on ourselves and all we see are the flaws in us. Apparently, mirrors are the only non-living objects which communicate and they don’t just communicate, but also tell us the truth. It is an object which people use to seek clarity and assurance. They give us a reflection of who we really are, on the outside.

We all deserve some pep talks from the mirror where he’s(mirror) like:

The way you don on that suit and release your hair letting it fall on your back perfectly...You do it effortlessly and if perfection is what you are chasing, please stay as you are.


You are beautiful/ handsome just the way you are, you have such a beautiful maker who saw it best to place that nose where it is…that’s it’s correct position.If he gave you an extra finger, He’s got his own valid reason and your complexion, is simply impeccable with you so don’t you think of lightening it.

Getting back up from the most trusted book. Genesis 1:27 ” So God created man in his image; in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Basically, we are made n the image and likeness of God, the only supreme Being inexistence. So each time i see my neighbour, i see God in him or her.Furthermore, the word ugly should only be used to describe non-living things. Something like: a certain act is ugly or may be whatever someone said was ugly…but not: Mr. Z is ugly.

Trust me, we can bet on this, you are beautiful and no one should make you feel the opposite.You slay, you’re amazing and you break a leg in shows; and please don’t let your self-esteem flatlined just because someone else doesn’t think the same for you.

There’s more to what we see in the mirror. The mirror shows only the reflection of your physique, the clothes you are in, the stain on the cloth. Inasmuch as we would like to dwell on our outer selves; we should also take note of the inner bulk such as: incredible personalities, inner strength and the great potential in us.



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