Despite the numerous conversations i have in mind, there are three things which don’t cross my mind: marriage,kids and cooking. Hahaha..yes cooking:(
So, i actually thought to counteract this and dedicate a blog post to my future husband. I know marriage is not a bed of roses. We happily attend a wedding today and sadly, the following day the same couple’s divorced.
I know am among the hopeless romantic souls on Earth and yes, my age allows me but i have to pass an important message to my future husband.

Dear future husband,
Hey honey, it’s me:) How are you? I hope you are chasing your dreams. Are you making money? ..i want us to be rich..i don’t want to be loaned vegetables by Mama Mboga every evening.
First, i am a very picky person, so for me to choose you then it means that, ‘there’s no one else, but you!’ Of course i’ll take note of the looks..come on, our kids have to look good;)
I am not sure if i will get emotional when you propose. I sold my tear ducts in exchange for cash but i do tear when a close relative passes on..but baby i can promise that i will say, “Yes, i will”

I don’t need you to be donning suits not unless your profession finds it a necessity, but at least look decent.
ooh & our honeymoon, i want it done in Paris. I adore the cool breeze at the coast and the scenic view is just on fleek; but there’s a thang about Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the posh luxurious cafes & hotels.

blog 5
let me brief you about my dowry: hmmm…daddy says that my school fees has been a lot and he needs a refund where he already has a rough estimate and for mummy, she says that i’ve broken several plates and cups(which is only human you know;) )She also claims that some of her spoons and forks are missing.

There’s this habit popular among African men; hitting their wives like it’s a norm. To be frank, the act is so barbaric and uncool. And with that said, i will definitely not put up with that because one of us will have to visit the Doctor or worse, our maker.

I also hope that you aren’t flirting around with other girls lying how you’ll put a ring in their finger. I am still single and waiting for you (i think that should be written in caps):-D and i would be glad to hear that you are too. And once you are mine, may you remain to be mine. Sharing has never been my thing. I pray that we’ll remain in twos because i’ll not tolerate third and forth parties…i have no interest in coming up with an acapella band.

p/s: do not expect me any time soon; i am still too young and am so busy chasing my dreams. In fact, i will mail this letter once i’m done with school.

Yours sincerely,
future wife

I love you!


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22 thoughts on “DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND….

  1. woow,..i think your future husband has alrdy read this…hes tripping around now tryna be perfect….hahaha its awesome….am very proud of you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m stealing this!!

    >>>>An open letter to my future hubby😊😊

    But you forgot one last piece dearie…
    . Dear future husband…PLEASE be tall,,,I need someone to be reaching up to my shelves and put up my curtains 😊😊. I’m vertically disadvantaged…i mean…blessed downwards!!

    Great work Stella!! You know I never miss a post😊

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  3. Hehehe you have a great, super funny writing style. Yet can’t hold substance within. The line – Or even meet the maker conveys clearly despite humour you can not be tossed around like other women. Gr8 post.

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