When you tell her that she’s just but a flower,what do you really imply? I am not trying to be a pessimist here, i think there’s need to dig deeper to what people mean.


The flowers are so beautiful:)

photo credits: dreamstine.com

Do you view her as:

pleasantly scented with an intoxicating fragrance; one that blossoms gracefully every morning

one with a vivid conspicuous colour, coming in interesting shapes and sizes; attracting not only human beings but also tiny insects

useful, one that feeds beautiful birds and the busy bees with nectar

one that brightens a couples day when presented with a bouquet; making them happier and optimistic in their relationship

one that inspires countless works of art, from classic paintings to graphic prints

one that withers gradually when not provided with water & therefore need to be replaced

one that frailly holds on to the branch and thus can be easily plucked or blown by a flurry of wind and stumbled on

one that can be dried for use as wreaths so that the dead can rest in sweet serenity

one that brings about pollen allergies causing sneezing and skin irritation

one with stiff pointed thorns on it’s branch that pricks thus causing blisters that hurt so bad

an artificial flower; one that’s engraved with bogusness where the fakeness is clear from a distance

Ladies…don’t just beam with a smile upon hearing that you’re a flower.Get to know his perspective of flower!



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