Mama, allow me to go out tonight

i swear i’ll not misbehave

furthermore,milk and water are my favorite drinks

and the only smoke my lungs can permit is air

i’ll not put on fancy short dresses,daddy doesn’t like it either

neither will i apply make up

grandma is always against it, just as medics are



Mama, allow me hold conversations with the neighbour’s son..without you being in the vicinity

i promise i’ll not smile back at him

or make funny drawings on the ground

we both know i’ve never shown interest in art

trust me ma,we’ll only shake hands for a second just as grandma advises


Mama, allow me to spend time with my friends after Sunday service

all we do is make talks of what we’d like to be in the future

Ma, shouldn’t that be what am focusing on?

I promise i’ll not select a boyfriend among them

actually, i’m contented having my brother as a close friend


Mama, i know your worst fears, i can spill them out for you

but trust me ma, i got this

i’ll not bring you bad news on a Sunday evening

you’ll forever be purchasing tampons on a monthly basis

and you’ll only be called grandma, once i am over thirty.




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