Those days when:

you’d not sit in a bus, while someone older than you stood beside you

you’d not roll your eyes at a stranger, not even the shopkeeper

you’d not reprimand your mama; i mean, she wiped your bum and showed you how to

you’d not enter home when dusk has already approached; it’s your parents house not yours

you’d not use vulgar at anyone’s sight, the word itself never existed in your dictionary

you’d never call your mama by her name, because The Cold World war 2 would spring in your small world

you’d stay loyal to your virginity and your privates were just as the word suggests ‘private’

the only drinks you knew were fresh juice and milk; mild alcoholic drinks were preserved for the elders

you’d never think of winking at Peter yet you’re John; neither could Wangari and Wanjiru

your mama was your life coach, best friend and hero; your bae was no close to that line.

Life’s changing so fast and so are our morals. Inasmuch as we want to view our current generation as a free World let’s remember to carry our manners with us!Screenshot_2015-09-30-21-53-01-1.png


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