Let’s first do this practically. Tell a random friend to give a brief description of you. I’d really like to see the look in  your face after receiving your feedback ;).

So, i was walking down the streets this evening. The streetlights had already been turned on as dusk was approaching. I walked slowly dragging my feet in a bid to, ironically, get home as soon as possible. Two young men behind me were busy updating each other with sports stories when i heard one of them trying to describe an old buddy who once participated in the opponents team. “What do you mean you do not recall that gentleman. He limps as his left ankle twisted, he even stammers once in a while. His big body could not allow him to be a great player for his team.”Polo C 20150509_140246


The whole statement was saddening, not even a single positive adverb to describe the innocent gentleman. I tried to compare that description with something like, “How can you not recall that lass. She normally applies her make-up skillfully in the absence of a mirror, ever in an official look with good-looking fitting suits.” or something like, “ooh Mr.Y..that man’s image is still fresh in my mind. I know i am very poor when it comes to cramming people’s faces but his eloquency especially his perfect way of constructing sentences  and use of humuor amazed me.”

Inas much as we should not describe our fellow colleagues, friends, enemies by their flaws, make sure your first impression  is perfect and manners correct. As human beings, we tend to judge our fellas by their first impression. If you bump into a stranger without introducing yourself in a detailed way, he’ll tend to describe you as “that guy who bumped into me without even introducing herself.”

Let that adverb you want to describe someone with, be positive. I mean, you  also want someone else  to give a perfect positive description of you. Let them sound, “that teen who’s ever beaming with a smile with her set of dental formula perfectly arranged.”Believe me, if you pull off that amazing look, it blinds  your flaws.For instance, when you give out that infectious smile, no matter how badly you need braces, trust me no one will recognize your spaced teeth. All they  will be focusing on is that beautiful curve on your face.

Life is too short to view a living or even non-living thing by their flaws.I mean, no one is perfect, we need this flaws to complete us (yes i just said that)honestly, we cannot change some of them. However, no one gives you the permission to rub it in to a point that it will lower the highly esteemed me. So get that right description for a fellow being; leave alone with my flaws, they are there to stay.


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