If there is a word in the dictionary that has been misconstrued, then it must be a simple three letter word “fun”. Looking up it’s meaning from the Oxford dictionary: fun- Pronunciation: /fʌn/-(noun) behaviour or an activity that is intended purely for amusement and should not be interpreted as having any serious or malicious purpose. Immediately i joined Campus, i would receive calls and texts from friends and acquintances asking how Campus life was. Of course i would respond by saying how fun my new environment was, even though it took me ages to adapt to the place after so much grumbling.What followed from the callers was a series of  advice on how careful i should be.I will definitely take heed of all they said and i was copiously grateful for the advice, but, i was puzzled. I mean, i only said that life was fun.

The perception that has clogged our minds when we hear of having fun, are activities related to partying, clubbing, drinking, name them; all those activities the society considers as uncouth. Yvonne 20150925_120922If only we could broaden our minds and change the above perception, we could remove that one stumbling block and as a result easen life. I believe the word fun is associated with happy moments; making those beautiful memories. If you are taking part in an activity that makes you happy; that which makes you beam with a smile, then you are definitely having real fun.

I can decide to: go for a roadtrip with friends; singing along to the latest hits by celebrities all over the World while in the bus, visit a movie theatre for a thrilling clip slouch in the seat while experiencing an upsurge of emotion, swallowing a mouthful popcorns followed by “awww”, visit a children’s home; play hide and seek and sing childhood songs with the kids till i feel like i have suddenly turned four. I may also choose to: engage in a pillow fight with my girl friends; screaming at each other without any of us being hurt, assist grandma in harvesting while singing harvest songs as we try to harmonize our voices and dancing to the tune.20151101_112717-1

When i engage in the above activities, i am as well, having fun.Trust me, we create our own fun moments so do not wait till Friday night.Friday night too, is not enough to justify whether you have fun or not. On that note, the next time i tell you that i am having fun in Campus, please do not misinterpret my brief statement.





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