One would wonder why an eighteen year old, would think of starting up a personal blog.The word that is ringing in my mind at this hour is “finally”  followed by a prolonged sigh of relief. I have been longing to create this blog so as to spit out all that is in my mind.Not to say that creating a blog is difficult, costly, challenging or any other scary adjective you would like to imagine; it all requires just a little effort, time and passion. It’s all a matter of getting away from your comfort zone, getting on board and sailing a mile worhwhile.

I must say, i have started at a high note. I pray to God that i will keep the fire burning. Similarly, i’ve got a lot to say so i must make a prayer that i will never reach a point and go blank; and if that happens, i pray to manoeuver. All in all, i believe passion makes the World go round.If you have undying interest in something, be sure the psyche will never fade away. In any case, things will get better as you progress.

        “we all have that innate spark we ought to ignite”

As we celebrate heroes and heroines in our beautiful country Kenya, both whom are long gone and those still living; i proudly and confidently celebrate myself for taking this brave move. My head’s up, i must say i am already feeling heroic :).I know i have a long way to go,but this first step is enough motivation to get me going.

I think it’s time we set our priorities right. We all have that innate spark we ought to ignite. Show the World what you have; let the World know that you exists. Make your interests count. Reach out to new horizons. Keep pushing beyond your limits however tough things might seem.One day you will be happy that you did. I’m here to make connections, change perspectives and grow. So, let’s enlighten, teach, correct, connect and grow together.




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